Ranthambore Travel Guide

The plush greenery surroundings of Ranthambore have always made this place fascinating for the nature lovers. Famous Ranthambore National Park is the major tourist attraction among the national and international travellers. Famous for wild cats, the park is also the house of many other exotic species of animals and birds. During the migration season, lakhs of different species of birds visit this place for spending their winters. Ranthambore Travel Guide will give every piece of information about the place, so that when you visit here, you may get all ready with excursion in this natural abundance.

Places To Visit In Ranthambore

Place with natural abundance is the best place for spending vacations for nature buffs. Starting with Wildlife Park, The Ranthambore National Park is one of the largest and renowned parks in northern India. Best place for wildlife reserve, the place is a tiger friendly land. In the past, the place was used as the hunting ground for royal people. Gradually to preserve the species, the Govt of India declared the place tiger reserve.

Ranthambore Fort is another place which is holding the golden chapters of India. One of the ancient forts of India is located amidst charm of wilderness. It is also a treat for all heritage lovers. Fort was founded in 944 AD with the initial name of Ranath Bhawar Garh (Place of Rajput warriors). The major attractions in the fort are tanks, temples, massive gates and walls and a prominent Ganesh temple.

Another Ranthambore attraction that you can visit during Ranthambore Tourism is the Bakula Region. Also goes with the name of Ranthambore wildlife sanctuary the area is covered with thick forests. Due to its thick forest region it carries a wildering effect on this region. You can spot various pool and water holes in the region which makes the drinking spot for animals in the region. Due to its’ density the region houses various species of really rare animals, birds, reptiles and birds.

Things To Do In Ranthambore

The first thing that comes to mind when you think about spending your leisure time in the lap of Mother Nature is about the jungle safari. It is the best thing that you can do while you visit Ranthambore. During your jungle safari, you can get to see the wild cat tigers and other various species of predators and prays. Beside the real inhabitants, the park has plenty of natural beauty and a plethora of vegetation. The different variety of birds will enhance the experience of the jungle safari. There are more than 300 bird’s species.

You can also spend your time while going to explore the markets of the place. The shopping markets in this place are established to empower the tribal village women by giving them employment. You can purchase beautiful handicrafts which are on for sale like saris, scarves, bags and bedspreads. The paints are other major attractions of the markets. You can get the painting, painted in typical Rajasthani art. Most of the paintings are comprises of tigers and wildlife inspired by Project tigers.

Best Time To Visit Ranthambore

Ranthambore Tour Package suggest you to visit this place during the month between January and April. The Ranthambore Climate is best in the month between October and December.

How To Reach Ranthambore

If you are thinking to reach Ranthambore via airways then you can choose Sanganer Airport of Jaipur. Sanganer airport is the nearest airport. Thereis plenty of Government and Non-Government Bus services prevailing that connect Ranthambore easily. The railway station of Sawai Madhopur is the nearest railway station through which you can reach here.