Pushkar Travel Guide

An Introduction

An ancient city of Pushkar is one of the holiest cities of India. Pushkar has a special place in term of India Tourism. The house of ancient Pushkar Lake has many interesting stories associated with it. Blue Lotus Flower in Sanskrit, the city houses more than 400 temples and numerous bathing ghats in it. Pushkar Tour Packages will give a fine brief about this temple city of Rajasthan.

Lets’ discuss about the lifestyle, people, culture and traditions of the holy city of Pushkar along with the most famous tourist attractions, weather and transportation in the city.

Places To Visit In Pushkar

Foremost reason being on Pushkar Tour is the reason to visit the Brahmma Temple. The temple dedicated to the creator of the world Lord Brahmma (One of trinity). The most unique thing about this temple is that it is the one and the only temple which is dedicated to Brahmma in the world. Legend has that Brahmma’s wife cursed him that he will not be worshipped anywhere in the world except here, as he did not invited her for taking her part in Yagya (Sacrifice).

Pushkar Tourism has another tourist spot, it is Pushkar Lake. The holiest Lake in India is compact with 52 ghats and approx 500 temples. According to the legend the lake was emerged from the lotus petal of Lord Brahmma, when he was destroying a demon named Bajra Nabha. They say, taking a dip in the holi water of Pushkar Lake and purify from your sins and troubles.

Things To Do In Pushkar

Pushkar is a part of colorful state of Rajasthan, the culture and tradition of the city is highly influenced by the Rajasthani culture. When you visit this city you have so many things to do like participating/attending Pushkar Fair. The most famous fair that up-holds rich cultural heritage. The major attractions of the fair are the trade of camel and cattle. During this time you can see whole Pushkar comes to life with the vibrant activities of the fair. Folk musicians, tourists, traders journalists, photographers are flooded here in this fair.

As the city is visited by thousands of travellers during the year, it comprises of beautiful handicrafts items and other ethnic things. Pushkar Travel Guide will also take you to the markets of Traditional dresses, glittering silver jewelry, ethnic handicrafts and souvenirs like puppets and brass utensils can be purchased here that you can take your home.

One more thing that travellers generally do while they travel to different place is savor the traditions or we can say the local food of that particular place. People who love vegetarian food, Pushkar are paradise for them. Being holy city, the food served here is purely vegetarian. The scrumptious aalooparatha, kadhi kachori, papad ki sabzi and daal bati choorma are the major cuisine of that you can savor.

Best Time To Visit Pushkar

Lovely town of Pushkar has always been a favorite destination among travellers. If you are in the hustle to know the best time to visit in Pushkar, we suggest you to avoid summer and monsoon season. You can visit here in the month of October to March. These months are filled with cool pleasing winds and nice atmosphere.

How To Reach Pushkar

Pushkar is nicely connected with the cluster of Roads, the nearby cities of Pushkar are Ajmer, Jaipur, Alwar and many more. The nearest airport is Sanganer airport which has well organized flights from different parts of the country.