Mumbai Travel Guide

The City of Dreams, Mumbai is one of the cosmopolitan city of India. Often called as the Gateway to India, Mumbai is the capital of the Indian state Maharashtra. The melting pot of different cultures and traditions the city is filled with people from all over the country. While you will be on your excursion of Mumbai Tourism, you will see the city is the perfect example of ‘Unity in Diversity’.

During a year, Mumbai witness the success and failures of many people who came to this city to try their luck in Hindi Film Industry – ‘Bollywood’. But you need not have to worry, we it’s not only Bollywood Mumbai is about many other things rather than that.

Places To Visit In Mumbai

Being one of the major Tourist Hubs of India, Mumbai has many tourist destinations that will linger in your memory for life time. Mumbai Tour Packages, include your visit to the most famous Gateway of India. It is the most prestigious monument of Mumbai. Built in 1924, the Gateway of India is standing and over-looking the Arabian Sea. You can find balloon sellers, small vendors selling street food and photographers flocking the area.

Another visiting place is Siddhivinayak Temple. This is an 18th century temple which was a tiny construction in the beginning that has the black idol of Lord Ganesha which was miraculously carved out of stone. The feature of Sree Siddhivinayak is having some unusual feature. The trunk of Ganesha turns to right which is generally not found on Ganesha idols. The temple is visited by many celebrities, Bollywood’s people, politician and cricketers.

Travelling in Mumbai and not visiting it famous Juhu Beach is really not acceptable. This glittering Juhu Beach is stretches along the magnificent Arabian Sea. You can find people indulge in different activities. Not only common people, you can also see celebrities, tourists and locals flocking this beautiful beach. Juhu Beach though being lively throughout the year gets livelier during Ganesh Festivals.

Things To Do In Mumbai

The Mumbai Travel Guide also provides you perfect ways to spend your Mumbai holidays in a way that add the values to your experience. You can visit the world famous Elephanta Caves which shows the perfect mix of Hindu and Islamic Styles of architecture. The charming Trimurti, masterpiece sculpture is the major attractions of the place. While visiting Mumbai, you can also take a tour in the famous Film Studios like Mehboob Studio and Film City. Here you can see technicians at work and who knows you might get a chance to meet your favorite stars.

You also see that you do not miss the spicy and scrumptious street food of Mumbai. The famous Pav-Bhaji of Mumbai is a must savoring. The coconut water near the beaches and special sea food will remain in your memories. The very famous Chaupati Beach and Khandala are famous tourist attraction and favorable time pass in the city.

Best Time To Visit Mumbai

Being the place nestled in the coastal area the Mumbai generally has humid climate. The Best Time to Visit Mumbai is just after the months of monsoons. The months of October and November are really pleasing months to visit this city.

How To Reach Mumbai

Being listed in one of the four metropolitan cites of India, Mumbai is well connected through every means of transportation. You can reach here via Roadways, Airways and Railways in a smoothest way ever.