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Luxury Trains in India

Ever since from its inception, Railways plays an important role as a mode of conveyance to travel from one place to another. When the trains were first introduced to India, nobody would have thought that one day the forms of the trains will be so much changed that it may be used as a luxury item for some people and plays a vital role in increasing the tourism.
Today luxuries trains in India have been so much developed with all the world class amenities and high quality facility that it will give you the real taste of the royalty of India. Right start from the origin of Indian luxury trains in 1880, these trains have faced many changes and witnessed many renovation. The luxury trains were first introduced in India in 1982 and then the rest is history. These luxuries trains in India are developed on the concept of royal carriages that the kings and royals of past era used for going from one place to other.

Trains of India have come a long way ever since from the introduction of its first luxury train that is ‘Palace on Wheels’ in 1982. Today there is a plethora of such opulent trains that throws an extravagance lifestyle of the bygone royal era. Each of these trains are designed to provide you the best of the traditional services with the touch of modernity in it.

There are numbers of Luxury trains started after ‘Palace on Wheels’ which have always been special as it was the very first luxury train which was introduce in India. Some other Indian luxury trains are ‘The Maharaja Express’ which is the newest train started in 2010. Then there is ‘Deccan Odyssey’ which contains the most eye catching regal coaches which was introduce to boost Maharashtra Tourism. There is also ‘Royal Rajasthan on Wheels’ which was specifically designed to introduce you with the culturally rich Rajasthan.

Fairy Queen, Royal Orient Train and Golden Chariot are other some of the best Luxury trains in India in which you can taste the royalties of the country while traveling through the different parts of the country.

Your India tours would definitely get enhance by being the part of these luxuries trains which will take your tourism to next level.

List of Tour Packages of Luxury Trains in India