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Have you ever wondered to live in place where you get lots of religions to worship, where you can see people speaking in different dialect and with every changing region the flora and fauna also started changing with its types and qualities? With every step ahead you will get to know the different stories of kings and their empire because of which India has got its present form. If you wish to see and experience all these things then you should visit the country named India. The country is full of rich culture and traditions. It is the country where we worship the rivers, climb to temples on mountains and donates tons of Gold and Diamond as a gratitude to that Almighty. Through our India Tour Packages you will get to know the real spirit of the country.

The history of the country is as old as time. Methodologically speaking the first man and the women who started the humankind put their first step in this country. With the changing time and scenario many kings came and many empires gone, each one of them contributed to this country and help in shaping the culture, traditions and rich heritage for which India is known today. It is not possible to describe each and every place about this country but we can let you know about the best of the best places through which you can get the essence of the country and would able to peak into the soul of India.

India have been a fascinating country ever since from the beginning of the time. Many travelers came and remained settled here after getting enchanted by the beauty of the city. During a year, the country is visited and traveled by lakhs of people. Whether it is snowcapped mountains of Himalayas of if it is the plush green mountains of the Kerala, you will get to witness a totally different scenario on the same land. The fresh Arabian Sea on the west and beauty of 7 sisters on the east will complete the charm of India. Through our Tour Packages of India you will get to visit in the steep hills in the city of Shimla, the city which was once the serves as the summer capital during the time the British. Shimla is the part of the state of Himachal Pradesh. The scenic beauty of the city has a lot to offer to captivate visitors. You will not only comprehend with hills, waterfalls, forests and lakes but also get to see some interesting places. You can also get involve in many adventurous activities such as skiing, Para diving and so on. Religious places like Tara Devi Temple, Christ Chruch and Sankat Mochan Temple are the must visit for the tourists.


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On one hand northern part of India is just amazingly filled with natural abundance on other hand the same part is having some really culturally filled states that actually define the richness of culture and heritage of India.

Some other beautiful places of north India comprises along with the state of Jammu and Kashmir are Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Uttrakhand. Taj Mahal the 7th wonder of the world is situated in the city of Agra which falls in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Thousands and lakhs of travellers from around the world visit this eternal symbol of love. The second largest minaret in India is the minaret of Qutub which is popularly known as Qutub Minar. It is located in Delhi, the capital of India. The charm of Delhi is so fascinating that once get into this city it will not a single chance for you that you do not fall for the beauty and the charm of the city. Majestic Red Fort, Jama Masjid and old markets of Chandni Chowk are the major attractions of the Old Delhi where as India Gate, Parliament house and President’s house enhancing the beauty of New Delhi. Located on the western coast of India the state of Gujarat is one of the places which you love to visit. The rich history and geographic diversity made one of the important provinces of India. Kutch in Gujarat is the best part that you can see visit under your India Tour Packages. The city of Ahmedabad is another major city of the state which consider as the 7th largest metropolis of India. Kite Museum, Dada Harir Vav, City Museum are some of the major tourist attraction in Ahmedabad. If you visit Ahmedabad, do not forget to take a peak of Sabarmati Ashram, the house of Mahatma Gandhi where he spent a major part of his life. The ashram still has the goggles, the charkha, the pen and many other things which Mahatma Gandhi personally used while he was alive. The neighboring state Rajasthan is also fascinating place which attract the travellers. In fact, Jaipur which is the capital of Rajasthan is the major tourist destination which is compact with rich culture majestic forts, charming magnificent palaces, divine religious places and vibrant culinary taste.

Just like north India and the eastern part has its own importance. Most of the part is consist with plush flora and fauna which would come as paradise for nature lovers. The state of Bihar, West Bengal, Jharkhand, Odisha are majorly forming the eastern part of India. But what enhances the beauty of the east is the cluster of seven sisters. Assam, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Sikkim, Manipur, Mizoram and Tripura forms the seven sisters. Even the union territory of Andaman and Nicobar which is situated in Bay of Bengal falls in eastern India. Root Bridge in Meghalaya and Lotak Lake in Manipur, Dzoukou Valley in Nagaland and Dampa Sanctuary in Mizoram will tell you about the rich cultural and natural heritage of the seven sisters.

No matter where ever you visit and whenever you visit the charm and charisma of Holiday Packages of India remains same throughout the year and all over the country. The curling smoke at Ganga Ghats and the bathing sadhus on the lake of Varanasi, the folk music of Rajasthan and the classical music of Karnataka, each and every part will linger in your memory for the rest of your life.

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